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Crash Forensics

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Car Accident / Whiplash Traumatology Services.​

Unique injuries need specialized assessments and treatments. 

Car Accidents - Whiplash

Suffering from an auto accident can cause serious injuries that require drastic medical attention. Fortunately, Dr. Mazzarella, Dr. Marek and our team at the North American Spine Institute have years of experience with helping auto accident victims return their bodies to health. We have over 40 locations in Ontario that provide the most up-to-date treatment options. We also offer convenient in home assessment and treatment services. 

Using a combination of advanced rehabilitation techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, combined with chiropractic, acupuncture and proprioceptive rehabilitation our doctors at the North American Spine Institute design a custom rehab program unique for every auto accident victim dependent on their individual risk factors and crash forensics.

While some auto accidents are unavoidable, there are many positive and hopeful solutions for victims at the North American Spine Institute. Our goal is not to get you back to pre-injury health, but to get you BETER than pre-injury health.

Dr. Mazzarella has Accident Investigation training through Northwestern University School of Public Health which allows for speed estimates, crush estimates, PDOF determination, and accident mapping (skid marks, gouges, yaw marks, grooves, scrapes, etc). In addition, Dr. Mazzarella has Accident Reconstruction training through a Pedestrian crash course via Michigan State University and training through the Toronto Police College which included slide to stop calculations, fault, human factors, series of events determination, vehicle dynamics, at scene drag factor and grade determinations, roadway evidence/analysis/evaluation, tire mark analysis and evaluation, forensic mapping, scaled diagrams, time distance determinations, restraint system evaluation and investigation, dangerous goods, at scene photography, evidence retrieval and analysis and at scene accident investigation and outdoor scene investigation.

Dr. Mazzarella also has event data recording specific training including being certified in crash data retrieval and crash data analysis. This certification allows for downloads of the vehicle data after an accident and can include topics such as speed at the time of collision, usage of brakes, brake lights, seatbelt usage, occupant number, braking, etc.

Lastly, Dr. Mazzarella has a certification in motor vehicle crash forensics risk analysis which he completed while studying live full scale human volunteer crash testing. This training allows for a determination of occupant kinematics and biomechanics during a crash as well as seatbelt / restraint system kinematics, air bag deployment and safety, bumper standards, oblique impact vector kinematics, frontal impact vector kinematics, rear impact vector kinematics, lateral impact vector kinematics, heat restraint geometry risk/safety,analysis, bullet vs target vehicle collision comparison and analysis, roll over research and child safety.

Dr. Mazzarella’s has taken several post graduate courses covering over 300 hours of training in accident investigation, reconstruction and crash forensics from the following:

Dr. Mazzarella’s has taken several post graduate courses covering over 300 hours of training in accident investigation, reconstruction and crash forensics from the following:

  • Spine Research Institute of San Diego
  • Michigan State University
  • Northwestern University
  • Toronto Police Services