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Health & Wellness Doctors

It's time that you unleash the power of YOUR BRAIN. And we have the science-based program to help. 

  • Diagnoses and Evaluation using EEG, qEEG and Functional EEG TM
  • Treatment Options:
    • Neurofeedback 
    • Photobiomodulation (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma) 
    • NeuroAcoustic Therapy 
    • Vision Therapy through visual motor reaction training to improve neurocognitive function
    • Proprioceptive Training and Biofeedback Therapy 

Neurocognitive Rehabilitation – Concussion and Vestibular Injury

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Brain Mapping

Despite advances in brain imaging, most people are still diagnosed based on their symptoms, and the subjective opinion of their doctor. As a result, treatments, (including medications) are often unsuccessful, they can be costly, and can be accompanied by a variety of undesirable side-effects.

Quantitative EEG measures actual brain function in real time.  By seeing how an individual brain acts, we can diagnose and predict difficulties with a much greater accuracy then by relying on symptoms alone. This allows us to create individualized treatment plans, customized for success. And are results show this!

In the U.S. the National Institute of Health (NIMH) and the Depart of Defense are promoting a shift towards the use of biomarkers in diagnosis, rather than the subjective criteria commonly used.  qEEG is emerging as a reliable method for identifying disorders, is FDA approved for several conditions.  In an independent VA Research Study, Dr. Laura Manning Franke stated about qEEG, "That's the holy grail!" and "We want to use the EEG to differentiate the problems, but also to predict recovery and be able to measure how people are doing in a more biological way than just measuring symptoms."


Pain has different brain signatures based on a number of factors including if the pain is neurological or soft tissue, if it is acute or chronic and so on. 

Anxiety Excess high beta →

(cortical high arousal)


ADHD Excess frontal theta →

(cortical low arousal)

Understanding Concussion and Treatment Options

Coming soon!