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Health & Wellness Doctors

Improved Health Starts NOW!

Bye improving our food intake and adding exercise to our daily life, we can feel better, and live life to the fullest. Here is how we can help.

  • Nutrition Screen and Analysis
  • Prevention & Wellness

Nutrition and Weight Loss, our 2 step approach to a happier and healthier life.

  • Our program includes an initial assessment in which we will evaluate your daily habits including diet and activity.
  • We will then provide slight modifications to your daily routine over time to modify your caloric intake while at the same time provide none invasive low stress exercises that can be completed at home to improve your daily usage of calories.
  • In addition, research has shown that certain nutritional elements have been shown to reduce and improve pain symptoms. 

For additional information please contact our office. 

Nutritonal Supplements 

In most cases we can obtain the vitamins and minerals we need through a normal health diet. However there are times when additional supplementation is needed. We offer both a nurtitional consultation service which provides education on what and where to find specific vitamins in a variety of different foods. We also provide nutritional supplements and vitamins for sale if you are unable to obtain these through your normal diet. See link to the left.